True Blue Protection was founded in 2014 by John Evans and Brian Brown who both retired from full time police work to pursue their vision of developing a premium boutique security company.  They created a unique organization staffed with the industry’s best law enforcement, military and security professionals.  True Blue Protection has brought a higher level of service, professionalism and talent to the security industry within Southern California area and beyond.


John and Brian recognized the need for a higher level of security services so they used their expertise as certified firearms instructors, martial arts instructors and SWAT tactics experts to compile a team of the absolute best security operators in the industry.   John and Brian used their combined 36 + years of law enforcement experience and contacts, and the lessons learned from their extensive background in SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics), high level state and federal undercover operations, dignitary protection, police supervision, and major criminal investigations to create True Blue Protection.


John dedicated his life to law enforcement training, education, and full-time active duty service.  John is an expert in investigations and undercover operations and has personally apprehended thousands of criminal offenders. During John's security career he has organized and provided protection to some of the highest profile individuals and families in the world.  John further specializes in providing protection to children and is an industry expert in kidnap interdiction.


Brian has dedicated his life to serving the community and to protecting the public.  He is a true law enforcement expert and a thoroughly accomplished individual.  He was a career SWAT operator specializing in operational planning, investigations and supervision.  Brian holds numerous university and law enforcement degrees, he is a medal of valor recipient, graduated first in his police academy class and is uniquely talented in creating highly functional and productive teams.   

Brian brown